Dower Law Firm signs Porto Climate Pact
in Porto.
13 May 2024

Dower Law Firm signs Porto Climate Pact

Dower Law Firm signs Porto Climate Pact

Dower Law Firm announces that it has signed the Porto Climate Pact (PPC), which aims to achieve carbon neutrality in the city by 2030, and also celebrates a partnership with Quercus. ‘Signing this Pact is a way of demonstrating our commitment and encouraging others to take this step,’ says Managing Partner Eduardo Castro Marques.

With this agreement, Dower Law Firm undertakes to provide legal support in the context of monitoring complaints received by Quercus. In addition to these services, the law firm intends to be a "valuable player" in the sustainability market, implementing policies that aim to "plant scientific knowledge in the community" and, consequently, "protect the environment and the ecosystem".

"This partnership came about naturally, bringing together an organisation like Dower, which wants to make a positive contribution to the environment and the community, and an association that does the same, like Quercus", says the company's Managing Partner, Eduardo Castro Marques.

In line with these objectives and, at the same time, with the ambition of exposing this commitment, Dower also signed the PPC, and was the first law firm to sign this protocol. The treaty in question represents "a commitment to the climate and to the community", as well as "the desire to share this journey towards carbon neutrality".

A series of measures are currently being implemented, including an energy meter, which will make it possible to account for emissions associated with resource consumption and energy use throughout the firm's structure, and the results of which will be made public. The aim is to go beyond the ‘2030 Agenda’ and work towards becoming ‘a carbon-positive society’. To this end, Humberto Tomaz Silva has been appointed as the new Chief Sustainability Officer.